Tree and Landscaping—an eye for perfection


Ornamental trees and landscaping go hand in hand like bread and butter or fish and chips. The biggest plus point in using ornamental trees in landscapes is that it helps I getting the shape and form and in the process help to make a stunning background. One has to be very critical in using the right colors for landscaping to get the desired effect. There will be a whale lot of ideas swimming in the vacant pool of the mind but it will be very helpful and advisable to take the help of a landscaping specialist. After all two heads are better than one.

Types of trees to choose: There are usually three types of categories that the landscaping falls into as far as the usage of trees is concerned. They are-tree-dawn-nature-bucovina-56875

  • Ornamental trees that have leaves changing their colors as per the season or flowering trees.
  • Ever green trees are the ones that as the name suggest greenery all round the year.
  • Shade trees as the name implies are trees that have large spread of branches called canopies and give an ample amount of shade.

A lot of thought needs to go into the landscaping and what trees to use. It is very important where one is staying as according to that one will have to see about the managing of trees. As if that was not the worrying part, one has to see about the watering, manuring and pruning.

Some of the trees that are used in the landscaping and which are ornamental are the following”

  • Maple trees have leaves that give sufficient shade. The beauties of these trees are that they do not shed their leaves seasonally. If one is planning to use these trees as part of the landscape one must see that there is sufficient place as these trees grow up to a height of sixty feet. The maple trees are easily noticeable miles away as their leaves are beautifully shaped and arranged. Not only have that, during the fall seasoned the leaves change the colors from orange to yellow to red.
  • In many landscaping jobs one will see the dogwood .tree. The reason being is that it is considered as the tree for the landscapers. They grow up to a height of thirty feet and it will have flowers of pink, red and white colors which last for just a fortnight. What is more beautiful and amazing is that the foliage changes its natural color of green to purple and red shades. The fruits of the tree are shiny red in color.
  • The tree that is another choice for landscapers is the oak wood tree that grows up to a height of eighty feet. It has a grown spread of three to four feet. The leaves of the tree is arranged alternately and the flowers vary from reddish yellow to yellowish green in color
  • The most important aspect for all landscapers is that one must choose sensibly the trees so that the place does not look too crowded.